The Contest Speech


Superheroes wear capes and come with superpowers but what if, I were to tell you right now that you are your own superhero as well? If you don’t have the ability to fly, that’s okay. But what’s important is that what lies in here points at my heart is what makes you a superhero. You’re probably going to tell me “I don’t have what it takes to be a superhero, Winnie.” Well, I believe this is untrue. Each and every one of you actually has what it takes to be a superhero.
You’ve probably read books to tell you to look on the positive side of things, on soul mending etc. Well, reading it and actually doing it, are two completely different things. Truthfully, no one told you that picking yourself back up is difficult. It’s going to be your most terrifying, tiring and exhausting thing you’ve ever had to do in your life. Instead, they tell you “It’s going to be okay.” There are people who go to a psychiatrist and therapy sessions for help. Then, there are the people who have to do it all by themselves. They have to dust off the gravel from their knees, polish their worn out armor, sew their wounds back and hoist their fragile soul back up and continue the fight.
Maybe that’s you right now as you listen to me speak up here on stage. Maybe you’ve had that convincing thought that tells you to give up and end it all. Maybe some part of you is so broken that you no longer can mend it back. But let me tell you that it is okay, for it only makes you much more a superhero.
When I was 14, I talked my friend Jayson down from jumping off the ledge. I told him that he wasn’t alone in this and that everything will eventually be better. I told him that if he couldn’t fight for himself, allow someone else to do it for him. If you notice, no superhero is alone when fighting the villains. Heck, even Batman has his own Alfred in his life. Behind every superhero, there is someone who will always there for him/her. Always.
All I’m saying is that you have to have a little faith in yourself. You have to. Not for anyone else but for the fighter that lives in you. Believe in yourself because you can. If you cant love yourself, then allow me to make a little room in your heart for me to love. One thing I’ve learned from my heart is that a heart is more than just an organ that gives the body life. It was made to love and to mend whatever that is broken inside you. Of course it will take time but just like my mother said “Patience is the virtue”
This year, I fell apart and it was the worst phase I’ve ever faced in my entire life. Before I could even make it to the seat at my psychiatrist’s office, I broke down on the floor. I cried so hard, she came rushing over me. She held me in her arms and I was begging her for I didn’t know how much more pain my heart could take. Then, last weekend I turned 22 and I realized, “Wow, actually I made it this far in life!” Despite still being a little, shaky, everyday is a new day to start fresh, am I right?
So if you’re ever in doubt, just look at me right now. I’m such a flawed person and just like you, I too, have my own wars and battles to overcome. I’m not saying that I know what kind of pain you’re going through or what type of battles you have to fight. I can’t say I know exactly how you feel but I’m saying that I understand what it’s like. But hey, you want to know a little secret? All the great superheroes have to bleed, get punched, beaten to the ground and with whatever strength they have left in them, they still manage to hoist themselves back up again. It’s not easy:  I have to admit and it’s going to be very exhausting. But it’s going to be worth it. So go on, be you, be your own superhero. You have an amazing life, and a very beautiful heart with the fighting spirit of a superhero.
Amy Poehler once said in her Harvard speech, “Continue to share your heart even if it’s broken”. Share it because believe me, it doesn’t cost a cent to be kind and give a little love. And you’re not alone in this so keep fighting, warrior. Don’t give up for you’re much stronger than you think. You are worth the fight. You got this, Superhero.
– 2016
All visuals and words belong to Win W.™ unless stated otherwise.

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