Chapter 2 : February 2017

It is the first day of March and almost closing the first quarter of 2017. I closed February in a way with so much positivity. February had been a month where I ate the most ‘Lou Sang’. For you readers who have no clue was Lou Sang (or Yee Sang), it’s the picture on top. It’s really popular in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s not a Chinese tradition but in my definition, a Malaysian Chinese New Year tradition.

Lou Sang when translated means Prosperity Toss. This dish is to usher in good wishes for the new year. This year, I tossed for happiness. I know, me being a Chinese who wished for happiness and not for prosperity. Well to be fair, people find it difficult to believe that I’m Chinese because I don’t sound like one when I speak and neither does my skin colour pass as one as well. 2 months into 2017 (and now starting the third), I can’t thank God enough on giving me little blessings. It wasn’t all sunshine though and there were times where I hid under my blanket and feel like I just don’t want to face the day.

Then there are days where they beat all those down times. Breakfast with my grandparents, dinners with my family and laughing at moments with close friends. And there were times where my favourite songs will come on in the car on my way home and that itself, makes everything enjoyable. With reminds of Lou Sang where everything in the dish comes in different taste but once tossed/mixed together, it’s delicious. I guess that’s what I learn in just 2 months of 2017.

You got to step back, and be thankful that everything that has been given to you, they all serve a purpose. Just like Lou Sang where the fish, different vegetables and sauces and crackers to top it all off. I wish I could tell you what each colour meant on the plate above but all I know it’s somewhere between the words ‘longevity…happiness…love…luck…health’ and it goes on. So here’s to another chapter of 2017. I don’t know what March will hold but hey March? I look forward to see what you have installed for me.


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