Back Standers of a Wedding Conversation

“Isn’t the close friend to the bride supposed to join in with the fun? What are you doing back here?”
“Hey uncle Lee. This is where I always go to so I could have an entire bottle of champagne to myself. And why aren’t you joining in the fun?”
“I gotta check up on you to see if you’re alright.”
“Of course I’m alright. This is a damn good bottle of Dom Pérignon I just took.”
“By the way good job playing the piano earlier. It was good!”
“I messed up a chord…”
“I didn’t notice so I’m sure all these people didn’t notice either. This is not your dress is it?”
“Nope. I don’t think I would own a dress like this. It’s really bare at the back.”
“But hey, nothing could go wrong with a velvet red satin dress.”
“Nothing could go wrong with good champagne honestly..”
“Where’s your date? Where’s the boyfriend??”
” *laughs* What boyfriend?!”
“It’s very hard to believe that you don’t have boyfriend. I mean you can’t lie to me! I am 68 years old. Don’t try to hide things from uncle.”
“This entire week, so many people asked me why don’t I have a boyfriend and I swear on my life, I’m single. I’m perfectly fine just sitting and standing here at the back alone with good champagne. Plus, I’m pretty tired. I haven’t been sleeping well for the past…3 weeks or so. Fever and stuff. Too many things in my head sometimes.”
“I didn’t mean it in a bad way, you know. I mean it like why? Are men nowadays too afraid to date a lady with ambition and so passionate about her dreams?”
“I think I’ve been swimming in the wrong sea of fishes.”
“Bullshit. Uncle says that is bullshit. I know lately you’ve been thinking like you’re the problem when it comes to things…my daughter tells me some things when the two of you talk. But listen to me and believe me when I say this okay? I am 68 years old. I’m not growing any younger. I’ve known you since my son was still alive and you two grew up together. I know you and what you’re like. You’re a driven person with so much passion. You inspire people. So what if you don’t have a boyfriend? If you ask me, I think a man needs you more than you need a man. What men these days don’t understand is that sex isn’t the drive in a relationship. Call me old fashion or something but correct me if I’m wrong, no guy has ever gotten you flowers right? Or even understand why you like the things you like. But believe me when I tell you that you will learn to fall in love again ; the same way you told my late son that he will learn to fall in love again and pick himself up.

No man is an island and some day…one day…a man is going to be the luckiest fellow alive to have met you. He will see the fire in your soul when you talk about the things you love and your dream. He will buy you flowers and he will accompany you to art galleries, gardens and parks. But for now sweetheart, go chase your dreams. If a man isn’t going to respect your decision on things, leave. You don’t need a person like that in your life. In fact, if you have friends who are like that, you get up and leave. Don’t even talk to them again. You’re young, beautiful, so smart and amazingly kind. If someone isn’t going to treat you nicely, you leave. Build your empire and hold your head high. Drink more Chai latté so you’ll sleep better and love the things that make you, you. Whoever that’s still by your side, tell them uncle Lee is grateful that they’re there for you.

You were the girl that was once there for everyone and gave so, so much for people. Many abuse it and took you for granted until you fell apart. The ones who didn’t, they’re there now lifting you up because you once lifted them up. If you need to go to the orchestra, the beach and to an art gallery to clear your mind, do it. You do you and believe me that everything will fall in place. Everything will, I know it.”

“Thanks uncle Lee.”
“Oh, I’m just saying what you once told my late son when he fell apart and broke down. You forget how amazing you are, Miss Wong. Allow your late best friend’s father remind you. DOn’t thank me. Thank yourself, sweetheart. Cheers.”



All visuals and words belong to Win W.™ unless stated otherwise.


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