To the men out there, here’s one for you.

Note : The author holds no responsibility on what words she’ll be using.

I would usually do this on Facebook but then again, I have a blog for a reason and this is the reason. So here’s to you cheaters and liars out there.

About two months ago, a friend and I saw my friend’s then-girlfriend cheating on him with another guy. 10 minutes later, my heart sunk and I could feel why my friend was so heart broken. I was so glad that he didn’t have to witness it with his own eyes but rather just another friend and I who witnessed it. I’ve been cheated on twice and I know what it feels like. It could break you.

What’s funny was that a week before, the girl talked about loyalty, how girls should deserve better and how us girls shouldn’t settle for anything less.

After that incident, I noticed how there are so many posts out there on my Facebook about relationships. How women are supposed to treated like queens and men are supposed to pay for whatever they like etc. So here’s just me voicing out as a woman for the men out there.

There are no perfect relationships. It takes hard work and effort. It’s more than bags, shoes and make up. Men are not entitled to pay for everything you want to buy. There is no rule ANYWHERE that says a man has to pay for your meal when you’re out with him. Why men do it is because they want to not because they have to. Yes we do deserve better but in order to deserve better, YOU have to a better person too. You see, cheating is a choice. It is a decision that one makes. Men are humans too and they too have emotions like us women.

Of course they feel completely different from us. And yes, they don’t understand things like we do but that is okay. God created men and women differently. Being a feminist means you believe that women should have the same rights as men but what is the use of you belittling the male population? Does that make you the better human? It just shows what kind of human you are if you go around being a hypocrite and insulting the male population.

If you want to talk about deserving better, why don’t you reflect on yourself first? Don’t be a hypocrite. I am a firm believer that you get what you give. People have to start knowing that women do cheat as well but apparently it is wrong to stereotype us women like how we would stereotype men. You know what cheating does to someone? It not only breaks the heart but it breaks the person’s trust and the person’s insecurities will began eating the person. Thoughts like ‘Why wasn’t I good enough for her?’ and ‘What made him better than me? I did everything right…’ starts building up and if this continues, it will break the person. Cheating starts by you just having that lust within you for another person.

So I urge you, before you try to “preach”, reflect on what you’re doing. Cheating is choice. There’s no excuses or justifications that would prove otherwise. It is a decision. Eventually, it’ll catch up to you. Karma, right? What goes around, comes around.


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