Travel to live ; not just to have a holiday.

I understood what some people meant when they say ‘Travelling heals you. It’s like…you come back and you’re cured.’

Reflecting on my travels, upon my arrival, I always tell myself that it’s time to live and not treat this like a holiday. In my perspective, if I was lost, it shows that I was living. Of course, I had friends checking up on me with their ‘Do you know how to go home?!’ or ‘Are you safe at home?!’ texts. My mother somehow worries less when I’m travelling because somehow she knows that I’ll find my way back to my room even if it means me walking for 2 hours back for I’ve missed the last bus or train. And honestly, I will actually do it.

Travelling is more than tourist attractions. It’s the bug bites, the food, the smile on locals and you getting lost and scared. It’s actually funny thinking back of how many times I find myself hopelessly lost during my travels and sometimes I pray hard that the petrol in my car is sufficient enough for me to drive back home. By the end of each travel, I learned something about myself that I don’t know about. I also learned how other people saw things that I can’t and I understood their ways rather than just stick to mine. In other words, my mind and views broaden up.

So if I have an advice for someone who is planning their next holiday, do yourself a huge favour : Live during your holiday. Experience the little things and not just be hooked on the main attractions. Notice things. Learn about yourself through someone else. I learned something about myself from a stranger who told me that it’s okay to be alone because when you’re alone, you’ll learn so much about yourself. It is completely fine if you pay for an expensive meal during your holiday. I’m not asking you to splurge but just buy an extra scoop of ice cream or go all out to line up in a store to buy bath and beauty products home. Go do it. Live. Not just visit. Do it like you’re living there.


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