Keeping Sanity.

For the past 4 months, I’ve been flying on planes so much that sometimes I find myself reciting the safety video that comes on the screen in front of me. I know it’s funny but I find a sense of joy when I travel ; near or far. I’ve been reading a lot too which is a good considering the packed schedule of balancing my schedule.

I don’t know about other people but to me, traveling does mend the soul. It keeps you sane and it makes you stop and allow yourself to take a breather from the hectic life. I’m talking about you filling the bath tub with bubbles and warm water and you just soak yourself while you read a good book. Or sitting on the balcony of your hotel room and just listen to the waves gently crashing on the shore while having buttered croissants. I honestly do think it’s important to do the things that keeps you sane. Some people paint, and some build sandcastles to keep them sane.

As I stood on the balcony of my hotel room, leaning against the railing and watching the sky turn into different shades of orange, everything in me felt calm and alright. About two weeks ago, I found myself losing composure and had a minor break down in my bathroom. 5 minutes of sobbing into my towel, I told myself that I got this and I wiped off my tears and bravely faced the rest of the day. Standing there, at that balcony, I reflected on all those times where they were emotional and mental battle fields and I come to a realisation that I actually made it this far.

So dear reader, wherever you are, I am a living proof that everything will be alright. You can love yourself. And you got this. Trust me when I say that your body has its down healing mechanism that works along with time. Together, time and your healing mechanism will mend things. Your broken heart, will no longer hurt anymore. Don’t worry you’re not alone for mine is still in the mending process as some cuts within are deeper than the others. But I’m a firm believer that eventually, the cuts will no longer be painful.

So here’s a time-lapse video of the sky turning into different shades  of orange to make your day in some way.


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