Farewell, 2015.

Joshua Reynolds : English 1723 – 92.
Miss Susanna Gale : c. 1763 – 64 (oil on canvas)
When Miss Susanna Gale (1749 – 1823) sat for Joshua Reynolds, she was just fourteen years of age, and had travelled to London, from her hom in Jamaica, to complete her education. As the daughter of Francis Gale, Esquire, a British sugar planter, Miss Gale was a wealthy heiress. By the summer of 1760, Reynolds had established himself in Leichester Fields (now Leichester Square) as the pre-eminent portrait painter in London.

2015 has been a guru to me. It’s December now and this year, I’ve been a mentor to my club members, a student president leading an international club in university, a club mentor of another university, an evaluator, a speaker, a contestant, an athlete and an undergraduate who is juggling everything. As I’m sitting here typing this, I realised that I’m in a completely new place right now ; in a new room, new time zone, new weather and new people.

Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time in the NGV (the National Gallery of Victoria), immersing myself completely in art with my earphones playing my orchestra playlist. As I stood in front of that piece above of Miss Susanna Gale, I was completely astounded. Mind you, I always had the Slovak Chamber Orchestra playing Mozart’s Eine Klein Nachtmusik and I’m particularly fond of the final part of the piece which was Rondo (Allegro). Don’t get me wrong, the rest of parts of the piece which were  Serenade (Allegro), Romance (Andante) and Minuet (Allegretto) are fantastic as well.

I know that we still have 10 more days until the end of 2016  but I highly doubt I have the time to type out this post by then. 2015 consisted of more than just the average roller coaster ride that life took me on.The creator of the Harry Potter book series, J.K. Rowling once said, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” I’ve tasted the solid foundation of rock bottom and it beyond hell. To all those hours I’ve sacrificed sleep for, all those hours of breaking down and all those hours I remember spending smiling ; Here I am, in a different place and I’ve been surrounded with people who filled me up with love that this reluctance of ever going home is strong. I rebuilt my life back and got on track again where I taught myself to forgive, to be brave and to be kind this year.

Thank you 2015 ; for the good, the bad – everything. I still have yet to celebrate Christmas before welcoming New Year’s. For the days left of 2015, I’ll be filling you with tons of joy and looking forward to what life has installed for me.


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