“Look at her now…The only reason I’m not making his life miserable for causing her this much pain is because I don’t want to lower myself to whatever level he’s on.”
“Bro, we don’t talk about him. He made a choice. What can she do? It breaks my heart seeing her like this and we have to stand here helpless.”
“I know how it feels because earlier this year I climbed over the gate when she laid on the porch, breaking down. I had to carry her while she cried in my arms.”
“Worse part right now, she doesn’t want anyone near her. Just watching her like this breaks my heart too and neither of us are allowed to hold her.”
“Swear that if this dinner pulls through and his band performs, you wouldn’t throw your fist at him. We’ll be all suited up.”
“Must we share a table with him?”
“Dude, you don’t have to talk to the guy. Don’t even fucking shake his hand or look at him. Just sit there quietly and don’t do shit. You said you don’t want to stoop to his level then don’t. Eat your portion of food, perform, shut up or sit in the kitchen. If you do anything, I will give you a black eye and among the 3 of us here, we know who is the strongest. Do it for a bro, man. Or I swear you will be in pain.”
“A guy who says ‘I love you but I can’t be with you’ is not the kind of guy I even want to talk to. What does that even mean? He probably has no balls to tell her the actual reason”
“Now you have an reason to talk to him on that night and you two can be friends. Ask him what it’s like to break someone until she hits rock bottom too while you’re at it. Maybe learn a trick or two from him so you play with him at his game.”
“Stop it guys. We’re born and raise gentlemen. The guy didn’t do anything to us so we have no right to have some kind of beef or issue with him.”
“How are you nice to him though?”
“Because he made her happy once. I saw how she spoke of him and how genuinely she feels about him. I think he did loved her. He still cares and worries for her. Well, I’d like to think that he does anyways.”
“Yeah but if you love someone you don’t cause that person to hit the rock bottom of any rock bottom. That is not love at all. You don’t give love up.”
“And she forgave him…when he doesn’t deserve it at all.”
“As her friends, don’t tell me you’ve not done something to make her upset. She forgave you too.”
“Yeah but we didn’t cause her to be like….this!”
“Put yourselves in her shoes and imagine if your girlfriends did that to you? Wouldn’t you be like her as well?”
“I hate seeing her this broken. I bet the guy’s not even half as sorry as he said he is. I was an asshole to her once and I couldn’t sleep that night.”
“Tell me I’m not the only who worries that she can no longer hold on to being strong. The 3 of us are standing here looking at her breaking down and we’re not allowed to hold her. Not to mention her other friends are fucking pricks to her ; just waiting to tell her ‘I told you so!’ and rub it in her face. And whoever this anon that sends her hate can rot in hell. I wish karma would fucking do something to everyone who have hurt her.”
“She barely talks now or eat or sleep. The internal infection is making her even more sick. She’s losing weight that I’m so sure I can pick her up like paper. We’re the only friends that are actually here for her. We’re practically dealing with her social media profiles and etc. I mean if these people say they care for her, well ask them to drive here and look at her. If the dude say he cares for her, show him what she looks like now. Fuck people. They say they’ll be there for her but where is everyone now? Caring is one thing and actually doing it is another.”
“Guys, she’s scared. She can’t get a grip of herself and she’s terrified that she’ll end up like Kev. She already sleeps sitting upward for Christ’s sake. Let’s leave other people out of this. We’re better than those people. If those people say they care, they’ll literally call her up or give her hugs. She has always been there for us so even now, as helpless as we are, we have to make sure she doesn’t end up like Kev back then. We have to remind her how many lives she had touched and inspired. The strongest people need help getting back up on their feet too and that’s what we’re going to do. At least she knows well enough not to turn into a junkie or an alcoholic or heading off somewhere to get high. She knows she’s better than that and we can never stop telling her that. As her best friends, we do not stop showing how much we love, care and show her how good enough she is. Underneath that mask she puts on to face every day, she’s just an exhausted person that needs us to actually care and love her. Admit it bros, she has never once doubted or judged you. She always forgave your wrongs and loves you for who you are. She just needs space for her defense mechanism to subconsciously do its healing  but we don’t leave her completely alone. Do it for her because she has always done things for us and not expect anything in return. I don’t know if he actually cares for her but I know I do and if she loses herself, we’re going to find her. Even if it means…”
“Plan Nalowale”
“Plan Nalowale. Hana ‘oia na ia.”
“Kakou loa’a ia.”
“Ha’ina I aloha ia.”
“No ka mea. I mana’o lawe ia kauhale.”


E. L


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