Love : To the men and women.

“On behalf of the group, what’s your view on love and relationships?”

” *laughs* Okay love in my view *smiles* is the best free thing you could ever give a person. To love is by far the most courageous and beautiful thing to do. There are no boundaries, restrictions and restraints. Love is not just about romance. It’s about building bonds ; friendships etc. But since you asked me about relationships, I’m going to go tie it with romance. I think somewhere along in our lives where we all have changed our perception of love. Maybe you’re tired of chasing that one girl who has no interest in your or maybe you got your heart broken by so many guys that you’re tired or maybe you’ve actually waited for ‘the one’ that you want. Things like that.

Personally, this year I told myself : ‘Enough is enough. Enough of crying and getting your heart broken. Enough.’ Relationships are investments. Put aside religion, race and distance because all these shouldn’t matter when you love someone. Yes I’m not going to deny that everyone has a criteria of your other half like ‘he/she must have the same beliefs as I do’ and so on. I’m not judging that but I’m just saying it in my view as you asked me earlier. I’ve came to a point where once I agree to be your significant other, I literally see a future with you. Why be in a relationship when you don’t see a future together? Because if you don’t see it, I’d rather you just not be in one. I’ll tell you why you should see a future with that person.

Like I said earlier, it’s an investment. Cheating happens when you don’t see the importance in your relationship. So please before you cheat, just break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend to save that person the pain and hurt. Don’t do the whole ‘double standard’ thing. One minute you get mad at him/her for not replying you because he/she decides to like a picture on Instagram but you’re doing the same thing. Just don’t do that. It just shows your maturity. And never, and I mean never, ever, bring up that person’s insecurities even if you’re joking. It is not a joke.

If you truly love someone like you say you do, always make that person secure. Go the extra mile. Put in the effort. Relationships die off because the effort died. Words literally mean nothing if you don’t do the action. Everyone can write like Nicholas Sparks but actions do wonders to the heart. Love apparently is ‘rare’ now because people always take it for granted. You stopped telling the person how much they mean to you after you got him/her and that’s when that person will question his/her importance to you ; whether he/she is no longer your priority. Love should make you proud. Wear that ring ; show that person how much they mean to you.

Love will make you lose people and gain new ones. Love will tear you apart and it will build you back up. Love builds trust and love has no limits. Love dies if you let it. Always remember, love should make you a better person. Not someone who is bitter, doubtful and insecure. Love is where you feel serenity. It is where your heart feels joy. Never ask for love because love is free. Love is a very beautiful thing, believe me. If it was an equation, it’d be a sum of hope, serenity, joy, security, inspiration, encouragements and forgiveness. Because once you love someone, imperfections mean nothing. Honestly, the world needs less heart breaks whether it’s a friend, a family member or your significant other.

I’m not going to tell you that love is like a fairy tale because it takes hard work and a lot of patience. It takes time. It’s not a sex game where you can play, have fun and be done with it. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a heart-felt investment. So if you’ve lost hope in love, don’t. Never, in fact because love never once has ever given up on you so why should you do the same?”


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