The Constant Battle Between You & Your Body

In my opinion, everyone has this silent battle between their bodies and themselves. Truthfully, as fit I may seem, even I have that silent little war between myself and my body. Everyone without a doubt is conscious about how they look but our level of consciousness varies differently from another, of course. There’s no doubt that you want to have perfect body that you won’t be afraid to flaunt around. Both genders want to look like runway models.

Roughly 2 months ago, I gave a speech in Toastmasters entitled ‘Killing Insecurities’. Easier said than done, honestly. It’s easier to tell someone to kill insecurities but I always think that insecurities are like parasites and in severe cases, they might eat you alive. That’s how I think anxiety and disorders come about. We’re so caught up that most of the time, we forget to love how the way we look.

I’m not going to lie but there are moments where I find myself hating the way I look. I know what you’re probably thinking : “How can you hate yourself when you’re so skinny?” “But you’re so fit, Win!” “You have slight abs!” “You’re not one bit fat!” etc. It is no doubt a constant battle and until now, I’m still on that learning curve on loving my body. It is difficult but I always believe that you can never satisfy every person on the planet. After all, we have 7 billion people living on earth. It’s pretty insane to please everyone with the way they look for everyone has their own definition of beautiful, sexy, hot, handsome and so on.

Here are 3 very important things that you always have to remember : –

  1. Stop comparing. Just stop. Don’t compare yourself with anyone.
  2. Your mother carried you in her womb and you grew in her. Don’t destroy yourself.
  3. Always love your body, mind and yourself because honey, no one is going to love yourself for you. You got to do it yourself.

Yes, easier said than done but hey, like I said, even I am on that learning curve. There are days where I wish I was a runway model and days where I pray to have flawless skin. There are days I wish when I sit, the tummy flabs wouldn’t show and there are days where I wish I wouldn’t feel guilty for eating that cone of ice cream that will make me fat. But there’s one thing I’ve learned about my body is that if you love it, it will love you back. Invest gentleness, love and care to it ; Nurture your mind.

Love those scars on your legs, those tummy flabs, split ends and enjoy that dessert. Because at the end of the day, the best investment that you could possibly ever invest in is in loving yourself.


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