Half a year

Before June ends, (and before I plunge back into all the books and papers) this month was such a tiring month. Truth to be told, it is half of 2015 and June was beyond tense. But what is a tense month without lessons to learn right? But here are a couple of things I’ve picked up in just 25 days of June.

1.Always judge Japanese food by the way they make their chawan mushi. Except if that restaurant only serves ramen. Point is, I believe that all Japanese restaurants should have goof chawan mushi because that little cup is comfort food.

2.If you’re going to be criticized on why you eat salad, EAT IT ANYWAY. Eat it because it’s healthy. Eat it because you can. Eat it because it’s your stomach. Eat it and let them judge you because it is delicious. JUST EAT IT.

3.Blessed is the friend who comes and rescue you to her apartment located far away from everything and everyone, where you don’t know anyone except her, use whatever Mandrin vocabulary you can and  where you just lay in her room and watch movies. LOVE THAT FRIEND.

4.Perfect your pasta cooking skills and learn how to make churros.


6.  Love your committee for they’re the soldiers that still loves you even when you’re assertive and serious with them. Yes, love them enough to know when is time for fun and when is time to be serious. Be the best president to them.

7.Love the person that supports you, drives you around when you have no transport, and who leaves you goodnight texts and greets you in the mornings. Even if he writes corny things on napkins for you to read.

7 lessons but if I must add another thing I’ve learned is that, the people who make you feel like crap, leave them ; even if they’re your friends. Leave them The world has 7 billion people and you can’t please every one. Oh, and believe me it is tiring to please everyone. I’ve learned to tell myself that I deserve better. June, you went by really fast and you’ve given me both happiness and tears.

I became the president of my Toastmasters Club and it’s just crazy. First time being president for anything (Squash captain doesn’t count!). It’s insane really, how time past so fast. But hey, no regrets! I go to sleep every night being grateful and thankful for the day even if its tiring. So July, I honestly don’t know what you have but I’ll be buried in books, meeting deadlines, rushing off to meetings, hosting meetings and I’m ready for you. For now, June 2015, you’ve been on tough storm that I’ve not regrets in conquering even though it was exhausting but goodbye. Hello the next half of 2015!


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