55 years of love

Last weekend, the world’s greatest couple showed me how love really is. Meet my grandparents, the people who are the real couple goal.

We celebrated my grandmother’s 77th birthday over seafood for dinner. We had Alaskan King Crab which was simply amazing.



Plus, a fruit spongecake.



To the two people who taught me what true love is and the real meaning of ‘forever’. Gong and po, 55 years of marriage. Until this very day, your love story on how the both of you got together is what have kept you going.

Gong, you didn’t give up to court grandma. Ever since you laid eyes on her when you finished teaching your English class at the basketball court, she was only 16. A 16 year old who had her hair braided into two pigtails, chasing chickens and ducks back into their houses. You waited for her for 6 years to ask her out officially. Despite what your friend told you that she still wouldn’t fall for you after 6 years, you never gave up and tried your luck anyways. Your endless efforts ; how you have to borrow someone’s bicycle to take grandma out for dates and how you could never afford that bowl of noodles on your first date and grandma had to pay for you. You were not allowed to call their house phone and you had to call up grandma’s neighbour’s phone so you could talk to her. Finally, the Dame of Sabak Bernam fell for you.

Po, you came from a rich family who didn’t accept gong. You love grandpa despite your family disagreements. You were the Pearl of Sabak Bernam ; carrying your title among all the rich men’s sons who wanted to court you. You fell in love with the poor English teacher who barely have money to buy you anything but instead sang to you, worked really hard to make sure you have the best and love you with every ounce of his being. Losing a child and still managing to make sure the other 4 children have the best ; you did it, po! You’re one strong woman, I aspire to be.

Years later, I came about and the two of you taught me how to be the person I am today. Growing up with you was more than a privilege as not many people at my age still come home every day to home-cooked meals by their grandmothers and having their grammar corrected by their grandfathers. Po, you are always in the kitchen making sure that my siblings and I eat healthily ; even to this very day, you still do. Gong, you drove us to kindergarten, primary school, tuition classes and secondary school. You were our English teacher at home and made sure we had all of our homework done before school the next day. Now, you still made sure that my blanket covers me fully so I don’t shiver at night while I’m sleeping.

The two of you are the living proof that relationships do last. Your love towards one another is still so strong despite all the arguments, tantrums and debates. I can never thank you both enough for being my grandparents. I’d be lucky if I could find a love half as amazing as you both have for one another. You’re the reason why I believe that love conquers all. You taught me how to forgive even when it’s hard. You taught me to be strong, gave me tight hugs when I cried and gave me strength. May you be bless with great health for many years to come. My graduation picture would only be complete with you’re in it. I would never trade anyone in the world for the both of you. For with you, po and gong, I am always loved.

Thank you for being the best grandparents I could ever ask for. No words can describe how grateful I am to be your granddaughter ; to be this blessed to have you to be my grandparents. I love you, gong and po 







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