4 & 5 of 12


I started April emotional as I left my internship but to celebrate my last day before my class commenced, I went to a phenomenal concert by The Script.


The most heart-felt part was when they sang ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ and standing in the crowd, I just cried. In 2008, there was a promise I made with a late friend that we would fly to Dublin to watch them while I sat on his shoulders. This year, it was just me, looking at the night sky wondering if that friend is looking down at me in the stadium. Thank you, The Script for the amazing night.

In the mid of April,

I silently thank mom for buying me my Penny Nickel 27″.  (Yes, I was rushing to class and that was my form of transportation :D)

I ended the month of April by being reminded on how much I’m loved.


I started this month by going to gigs, a road trip and They Forgot Jasmine band photo shoot.


Honestly, even as the month of May hasn’t ended yet, but these are the few things that I’ve learned so far.

Lesson #1

Coffee and a mega sized cookie with the right company is the best way to spend your Friday night. In my case, I had a girly talk with Mira where we were blabbering on and on just about everything.

Lesson #2

“You deserve better friends. Friends will never make you feel shitty, ever. The ones that do are the immature ones and I’d rather you be alone than to surround yourself with negative people. Because the last thing you need to have people tell you that you being happy is a bad thing. I don’t know why would someone tell you to stop being happy just because they’re sad and bitter. Everyone deserves to be happy.” – Probably the one wake up call I needed.

Lesson #3

After an emotional day, yoga and pilates are the most therapeutic thing ever. Just half an hour of it ;  half an hour of you focusing on your breathing and clearing your head. Yoga and pilates are really tiring and tough too! So you get to refresh your mind and work out. Killing to birds with one stone!

Lesson #4

Whatever the situation is, always thank your mother for loving you and buying you things. Parents are always the best gift blessed to you, no matter what. And don’t forget to thank the Japanese for their green tea mochi invention because why not?!

Lesson #5

If you’re sulking over that expensive dress that you can’t afford, it’s okay. If you’re upset because you’re broke, buy a cone of ice-cream and it actually makes you feel better.

5 lessons I learned in the month of May. I’ll blog about how I’ll be ending my month of May soon. For now, stay tuned dear reader. I’ll be right back.

PS : I still think that I have the coolest birthday present last year!
If she be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor 😉


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