Inspiring Angel.

“Describing Win is going to take a while because to be honest, she’s really different. So I’m just going to summarize it up into something that is short. She thought me how to love again, how to pick myself up and encouraged me to fight for what I want. My parents told me that she’s a driven girl who knows what she wants and stands firm to what she believes in. They said that she’ll be the person that will go far. She just needs encouragement. Then again, everyone needs encouragement. Win is a really talented person. Besides being ambidextrous, art defines her. If there was one thing that I would ask her to pick up again would be music. Her mom asked her multiple of times to pick it back up because she has that ‘touch’ in music. I’ve seen her play the piano. You have to sit down and ask her to play anything and just watch her. She doesn’t need a piano diploma to prove to you that’s good. She’s that talented.

I’ve also watched how she studies art in her own way. How she would like to feel a certain drawing. She just sits there, completely zoned out with her music and the pen or brush between her fingers. She’s also a proud book worm. She never comes out a bookstore empty handed. She always compare books and sometimes you can find her talking to the books she’s holding in her hands. She finds comfort in literature and you can find the edge of the pages of her books folded to signify something on that page that is important to her. She also highlights phrases or sentences in her books. Basically, any form of art defines her ; expresses her. Other than that, she’s analactical. She always puts her heart into whatever she’s doing. You should see how she solves engineering statistics questions. When she actually focus, she can do it. She writes a lot too because it’s the only way she can spill her thoughts and emotions out on paper.

So if a guy were to fall in love with her, just know that when she loves you back, she loves with all her heart. Believe me when I tell you that she’s going to put your happiness first before hers because she knows what it’s like to sad and she wouldn’t want you to feel that way. She’s that kind of person. She’s passionate, independent, ambitious and she never expects anything from you. She’s not one to judge at all because she believes every flaw that an individual carry is beautiful in its own way that only the right person can see. She’s not demanding and she’s different, really uniquely different. Sure she’s going to need assurance from time to time because who doesn’t have insecurities. So I think if a guy falls in love with her, it’s because carry a certain confidence or passion in her and she’s always herself.

She’s a fighter too but I think every warrior out there needs someone to make them believe that everything will be okay after tough day at war. She inspires people, even if she doesn’t know it. Because of her strong will power to pick herself up after a fall and the obvious fact that she strives and thrives for everything she does. If I have to describe Winnie in one sentence, it’ll be :

‘A girl that you’ll never regret knowing because she taught me about life more than anyone ever had’. Just like what my parents told me, I am lucky to have a friend like her in my life.”

– EBL.


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