Graveyard Valentine’s Day.

Pulling an old classic car to the side of the gravel road, she checked herself in the rear view mirror for one last time before switching off the engine. She lifted up a box of pizza and her backpack as she climbed out of the car, evening out the creases on her dress. Her hair was tied up into a messy bun and she slowly made her way into the cemetery. In her long tube dress, the sun shone on her shoulders. Reaching the foot stone, she placed the things down on the grass and sat down, stretching her tired legs. Barely any sleep, she was actually glad for the make up she had on to cover up the tired eye bags. She opened the box of pizza and took out a slice.

“Flowers are too expensive but the price of pizza maintains throughout the whole year. So I bought one in your favourite flavour and ate most of it on the way here,” she said as she ate the pizza. Quietly, she finished the slice of pizza. She took out a bottle of wine and took a large gulp of wine from the bottle to quench the dryness in her throat.

She cleared her throat before speaking. “Happy Valentine’s Day..” She drew a deep breath to compose herself. “I don’t know how many people actually pay their respects on Valentine’s but here I am. Everyone’s out celebrating today while I’m sitting here eating pizza and talking to you,” she said while looking at the name engraved into the marble stone in front of her.

“As you already know, I’ve never received any flowers from anyone before for anything so Valentine’s isn’t really something to me.I never really apologise for not making it to your funeral because I can’t bare to see you lying in the coffin. But the truth is you’re gone. I listened to our favourite songs today while driving here ; Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue and Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody. The dashboard of the car still has that picture of all us smiling and your leather jacket still sits on the passenger seat with the almost empty bottle of Hugo Boss cologne.” tears stung her eyes and made running streams on her cheeks.

She breathed harder and the tears stopped. ” I came here to tell you that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being like this…someone that you will not be proud of if you’re still here. The last time a guy hurt me this much, I still had you around but then now, another guy does the same thing to me and it just hurts more. I don’t have you anymore because God needed you more than I’ll ever need you.”

In silence, she reached out her hand and let her fingers trace the name that was engraved on the marble stone. “Happy Valentine’s, best friend. You’ll always be loved and remembered,” she said softly.


Two best friends sat on the roof of the car with the moon shining above them. A box of pizza in between them and two cups of wine. They were in sweatpants and baggy hoodies. While people were celebrating Valentine’s Day, there they were ; laughing, talking about music, and just being themselves. No fancy dinners, flowers or chocolate. Valentine’s to them were about two friends loving their friendship they both had.


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