Pick up truck campers

Parking the pick up truck underneath a tree that by the beach. They climbed to the rear cargo area at the back of the vehicle that was loaded with a comforter, pillows, and a tiny window above to watch the stars above. They sat as their legs stretched out. She then leaned her head on his shoulder and let out a sigh.

“It’ll be alright,” he said, slowly patting her head.

“Do you think he treats me like a rebound?” she asked.

“I’ve never met him before but from the looks of it, yeah I think he does. Judging from everything, I don’t really he actually loves you. But that’s just me. I’m your guy best friend so I’m a little protective.”

“We’re currently two sad people who decided to camp at the back of a truck,”  she said silently.

“At least we have food, wine, the Macs, our long boards and comfy pillows. What a better way of being sad than to be sad with your best friend?” he laughed a little.

“Well I think she’s dumb for cheating on you. I don’t know how or when but all I know is that we’ll be fine. We’ll get through this shit like we always would,” she nudged him.

“Look at yourself. You made it through 2 dead best friends, fucked up relationships and shitty friends. You’re still here. I’m proud of you. It’s not because I’m your best friend but because you’re really strong.  Yes, we’ll get through this,” he smiled and hugged her.

At the back of the pick up truck where they sat, white wine was poured into tall glasses and clinked together. Just two best friends enduring their pain together. Maybe things weren’t the same anymore but for that moment, things seemed okay. Just two best friends, sipping wine at the back of a pick up truck in comfortable silence.


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