2015, let’s go.


My acoustic playlist is playing As I’m sitting here while looking at the moon with the laptop on my lap and a pen between my fingers accompanied by my New York City journal resting on my side, I spent 5 minutes looking at this particular picture I took at Phuket, Thailand. There’s no filter or anything. Just the sky beaming its colour at my camera when I took it. This was where I thought of my first resolution. If you’re wondering how did I do for my 2014 resolutions, well, I’ve completed 6 out of 10 resolutions ( Read it here : https://winwwc.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/resolutions/)

So dear reader, here’s my main 15 resolutions for 2015.

  1. Stick to fit schedule ; do more fun exercises.
  2. Eat healthy, not starve. It’s okay to indulge once in a while.I’ve went through 2014 without any fast food and having a healthier diet. I’m going to maintain it.
  3. Read more – read anything ; from The Economist and Wall Street Journal to any fictional books. Expand your vocab!Try to finish up the bag of books I have stashed at the bottom of my bedside table.
  4.  Take no shit from anyone. Stay away from negative people. You don’t deserve to be treated like trash.
  5. Study hard and well. Focus. Just 2 hours a day.
  6. Write more. Find inspiration in books and magazines. Write about people, building, food and the view.
  7. Put in effort and passion ; in university workbecause degree life is a war zone!–, in looking good when you step out of the house and being more passionate on the job.
  8. Meet more new people and learn a thing or two from themBecause why not!?
  9. Save more moneytravel more to experience new things and because concert tickets aren’t going to magically save up by themselves.
  10. Do more things that you lovetake more photos, dance more and go to the beach.
  11. Sleep more!!
  12. Pamper yourselftake time to unwind
  13. Inspire more peopleI’ve inspired a few people in 2014 so I hope I can inspire another few people this year.
  14. Pray more ; Be closer to God for it’ll keep you sane.
  15. Love yourself more ; body, mind and soul I’m still trying to figure this out but hey, I gotta be my own hero.

Ta-da! 15 resolutions that I’m going to stick too. Sure there are more resolutions like picking up another language but these are my main goals of 2015. Am I scared of 2015? Yes I am but I have my fingers crossed in hopes my confidence in 2015 being okay will not be brought down. I’m going to make this worth it.

Alright 2015. It’s page 3 of 365. There’s another 362 more pages to go. I’m ready. Let’s see what you’ve got for me.


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