Dead New Year’s conversation.

Torn up Nikes on her feet, she tied her hair into a messy bun. She sat on the long board that she skated to the hill and waited for the fireworks. The old iPod sat in the front pocket of the Ivy League pullover she had on played the same old song. Memories flooded her mind as she looked up at twinkling star in the night sky above her.

“Even when the clock strikes 12 and it’s a new year, it wouldn’t change much except your age,” he once told her. They came to the hill every year to do their version of a New Year’s countdown.

“You think it’ll be different? You think I can survive the next 365 days?,” she remembered asking.

“Survive? I know you’ll kick ass! I’m not saying that because I’m your best friend but I’m saying it because I know you. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever known. I’m proud to be your best friend. You’re the best kind of weird there is and I thank you for being my best friend. You’re a pretty damn good fighter,” he told her.

“Even on days where I break down and cry?” she asked.

“Especially on days when you cry,” he smiled and put his arm over her shoulder while they sat on their long boards. He pointed at the moon that was shining brightly.

“If I die and when you feel like you’re alone, you close your eyes and take a deep breath and look up the sky. Somewhere up there I’ll look down at you and I’ll tell you that everything will eventually be fine. Because that’s what best friends do.  We look out for each other even when one of us is dead. Remember not to give up okay? Even if you feel like that’s no hope left, you can’t. You keep fighting and be a bad ass even if the next 365 days is going to be hell. You’re not alone. I’ll be here and if I’m not, I’ll be somewhere still looking our for you,” he smiled at her and they did a little fist bump.

So there she was, alone and looking at the night sky that was being painted with fireworks. she looked at her iPod displaying the time ; 12.02 am. “Happy New Year. If you’re looking down at me now, I hope you’re resting in peace,” she said softly to the night sky.


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