Loved by Tiny Humans

Like every other Sunday morning, it’s probably the most stressful day at work. But today it was a little different as I spoke to little Elvan.

Elvan : Teacher! We didn’t go to church today?
Me : Why not?
Elvan : Because we celebrated Christmas the other day
Me : *giggles* Christmas is on Thursday
Elvan : Yes we will go to church also
Me : *asks jokingly* so where’s teacher’s Christmas present?
Elvan : Mommy will go home and take it for you!
Me : What? You made something for me?
Elvan : Nazarene made it for you

In that moment, my heart melted.






6 loom bands accompanied with 8 paper hearts. Little Nazarene made the loom bands and said it was from her and her brother, Elvan. My heart melted when I opened the box and I was so touched. I am truly loved and blessed. I truly have the best job in the world. From little Aaron giving me a Teacher’s Day gift, little Amanda giving me bell apples to little Marissa making a loom band watch for me.

It is days like these that make my whole year less terrible. I felt appreciated and I guess when they say there is joy in everything you do, they meant days like this. 



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