My Fit Life


People have been asking what I’ve been doing to become as fit as I am. Being an athlete since I was 10, it has build me into what I am today. Truthfully, looking back on these 11 months + , it’s been a roller coaster for my body and the trips to the doctors’ had reduce tremendously as to compared to 2011. So here’s a little something to the inside of my fit life. I hope these 10 tips will help you too 🙂

1. Change your eating habits
I think this is the hardest of them all. If you’re used to eating fast food and junk (like chips), it’s harder to change it. I, for one, love fried chicken and really spicy food. But being a gastric patient, my diet had to change. More high fiber foods, less oily food and more vegetables and fruits. Also, I’ve been trying to save money so I usually bring home-cooked food or walk home for a meal. Healthier + cheaper! In my case, I eat small meals throughout the day and this helps. Always remember to have a balance diet!

2. Discipline.
This is the second hardest. Being discipline takes a lot of work, to be honest. I slack off really easily when it comes to exercising and that makes me feel so guilty. To avoid slacking, try setting an alarm to remind you to work out or exercise. Change doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time to adjust. If you want it, you have to be determine and persistent about it.

3.  Simple is better than nothing!
If you have no time to go to the gym or for a jog, do what I do. Climb the stairs and walk. I spent a semester solely on just climbing up the stairs to my classes (sometimes 11 flights or 17 flights of stairs). I found that climbing the stairs to class was faster than the elevators to come down and it’s less crowded. I also do simple exercises in my room when I wake up every morning. I make it a habit to wake up 2 hours before class to stretch and do simple yoga.

4. Never beat yourself up.
Having a cheat meal doesn’t make you a bad person. It only makes you human. Just because you have one cupcake, you’re going to starve yourself for the rest of the day. My guilty pleasure food is pizza. So it’s okay if you have a slice of cake or eat a bar of chocolate. As long as you remember to stay back on track, you’ll be fine 🙂

5. Love yourself.
It is very difficult to love yourself especially when you know that all your flaws and weaknesses. My table is filled with motivational quotes from inspiring people so that I’d be surrounded with positivity. Remember, negativity will not get you anywhere. Loving yourself means to take care of yourself. I usually treat myself by taking warm showers and buying a cone of frozen yogurt with sprinkles on top 😀

6. Focus on yourself.
Being fit isn’t a competition. It’s for your health and your health is your own responsibility. It’s not how many crunches you do or how firm your abs are. It’s about the effort you did to improve yourself. If you want change, make it happen. Only you know what you want. Set your priorities straight. Make time to exercise.

7.  Just do your best.
When I run, I always set a goal. For example like 5 km and I usually want to finish the 5 km. My swimming coach always tell me that you set a goal every time you exercise so that it’ll make you stick to it. If you don’t finish it, at least you know you’ve done 3 quarters of it and it’s better than nothing because you’ve done your best. Always give your best when you’re exercising ; small or major work outs. Everything counts.

8. Stay hydrated
Tea, honey water, or just plain water ; drink up. Sometimes when your body is craving for something, it might be just thirsty. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I always carry a little bottle of water in my bag whenever I step out of the house. If you have a craving for a Coke or some kind of soda, my advice would be juice. Your tongue wants something sweet so why not go for both healthy and sweet and drink juice instead? Healthy and hydrated!

9. Believe that you can.
It’s important to always believe that you can do it. People are always judging you but you’re strong enough to not let them sway you off your path. You’re a beautiful individual, in and out. And knowing that you can, you’re already halfway there, mate. 😉

10. Don’t give up
Yes there are times when you just feel like everything is falling apart but I believe that every one has a strong will in them. So thrive and strive. Don’t ever ever give up on your goal, mission and vision that you’ve set for yourself. People would give you every reason to give up or persuade you to give up. Don’t fall for that trap. You have to fight for yourself. Be your own hero.

These are just 10 tips that I’ve learnt so far for my 2014 fit journey. It’s tough, tiring and not what I’ve expected. It took a lot of effort and being fit and healthy is a choice. Safe to say, I’m proud of this choice I’ve made. I hope this post had helped you in some way, dear readers as it’s my first time writing about a fit post.

“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you implement that effort into your life every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs. Keep going. Remember why you started.” – Jillian Michaels. 

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