Healing takes time.


It’s okay to cry after a heartbreak but you have to always remember to stand back up on your feet. It might seem that the pain will never end but the pain will subside and over time, it’ll no longer hurt. Your heart has its own healing mechanism. You have to take care of yourself and be gentle. Love yourself. I’m not promising that there won’t be hard days but all I’m saying is that you have to hang on because you’re worth saving. Healing takes time so you take your time. Take all the damn time you need. Find comfort in the things that you like ; books, music, art, exercise etc. Go chase your dreams because love, no one is going to chase them for you. You go be successful. Be independent and be your own miracle. Fight for yourself. Be your own hero. Because I believe that after all this, you’ll come out strong and brave. Don’t give up ; it will be okay.


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