To the bass and faded light



She put her laptop aside and let out a sigh of relief. That’s the end of the semester. Toughest semester she ever had to experience. They weren’t kidding when they say year 2 of your degree life is a war zone. ‘Every man for himself’, she thought to herself quietly. She stretched her legs out and wiggled her toes. It was as if the demons still want yet another pound of flesh from her.

She rubbed her tired eyes. She put the earphones and stood up, stretching with her phone on her left hand. Dressed in an over sized pullover and sweatpants, her thoughts wandered with the music that was swam through her ears. The pain in her still stung and she paced around the floor, wondering when it’ll go away. She thought of all the people who told her to forget about that jerk but she also questioned whether they knew what they were talking about as it was easier said than done.

The past few weeks, she built up yet another concrete wall in her little concrete jungle surrounding her. She was tired of getting hurt and of how she was being treated. She surrounded herself with art, something that understands her. She had no manual on how to fix a heartache or how to chase away taunting nightmares. But there she was, looking up to the sky and a silent whisper escaped her lips. ‘Please God, make it all go away’ ; a little plead of some sort.

Her favourite song played on her playlist. She slowly danced to it and her finger found the side button to increase the volume. She closed her eyes and danced to the music. There she was, in the midst of clapping her hands to the beat ; no one was there to judge it in her messy bun and her silly dance moves.

For 3 minutes, the moon and stars in the sky silently watched her twirl around ; almost as if the faded light above her told her that everything is okay. That everything will be okay.



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