“You okay?”
“Not really because I pity her. Because he cheated on her and he used me without my knowledge of her existence.”
“She deserves to know at least what he’s like”
“But I’ve been there in her shoes and I don’t want her to go through the same pain as me”
“No one wants to be cheated on, Win”
“But you’re right. I can’t do anything. I can’t make her believe me. I showed her the texts and if she still wants to be with him, I’m not the position to judge. All I can is pray that God just looks out for her. I really don’t want her to go through any kind of hurt.”
“Win, you know you’re like the nicest soul in the planet right? If she can’t see how much hurt he had caused you..”
“No I never want anything in return. I want her to be happy. I’m deal with this pain by myself. I never want anyone to join me and I never want anyone out there to feel like me. It’s her decision. She heard my side of the story. I can only understand why she wouldn’t believe me because I’m a total stranger. I don’t want to hurt her ; nothing. Like I said, all I can do is leave everything in God’s hands. I don’t want her to be hurt in the long run. He can lie and say whatever he wants but what can I do, really. I have nothing to say anymore. She wants to block me then okay. I wish her well and my the Lord just…look out for her.”


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