My hero



Words can’t describe how much I love you. You survived World War 2, the British and Japanese ruling, through all the battles, you finally asked grandma to be yours. You’re the man who went through so many hardships but you never fail to come home every day to tell grandma how much you love her and appreciate her. Until now, you still look out for me especially when I fell asleep and scrunched up because of the cold, you would still find my blanket and cover me to keep me warm.

Thank you for teaching me about love, men and how to drive a manual car. Thank you for teaching me English even until now when I make grammatical errors. I love how you always tell me how you and grandma fell in love and how your dates were. Thank you for teaching me that a man should be a gentleman. I watch you hold my grandma’s hand when I was young and hold doors for her. Thank you for teaching me how to watch the stock market and thank you for being the world’s best driver. Thank you for blowing your harmonica and singing Elvis.

I’d be as lucky to marry a man who is half as the man as you are, gong. From all those moments when I cry (until now) to me being a Grammar Nazi. Everything you’ve ever done was for the family. Gong, thank you. Happy 82nd Birthday! I love you and may our Father in Heaven bless you with many more years to come and that you’ll be there to see me in my wedding gown and make your wedding toast to me. Thank you, gong 🙂

All I hope for is to push you in a wheelchair on my wedding day so you can be on the front to hear me say my vows. I love you, gong.


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