Wise Words

“So what if you don’t have a boyfriend who drives and Audi and earns $5,000 a month. The girl practically wants him to make her his charity case. So what if you don’t wear make up like her or have brown eyes like her? You’re you and that is more than enough. If your so-called friends can’t even see that, Then they’re not your friends. It’s easy for people to tell you not to care but it’s actually really hard thing to do because frankly, who doesn’t care? You got your heart broken and you can’t immediately just expect someone to not care about the person who broke your heart. It takes time. It’s not instantly and the wound will hurt if you see that person happy with someone else. Win, you’re an athlete. You’re built to pick yourself you after a losing round. Life’s a game and the game’s not over. So get up, fight and show the whole stadium what you’re made of. Yes, no one said that it’ll be easy. It will be hell. You still trip and fall. You will bruised and you will cry but that is life. And life is the game field. All the training, the laps you ran, swim and all the push ups you did. I inspire people. You’re humble, down to earth and you’re an amazing swimming instructor. Don’t be the woman who has a man who own a Lamborghini. Be the woman who owns the Lamborghini instead.  Never forget Win ; a man who makes a woman cry is no man at all”



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