‘The soul is healed by being with children’



Being a swimming teacher for almost 3 years and here are a few things I’ve learned so far

  1. Language is important.
  2. What you say to kids is important. They literally absorb like a sponge.
  3. When teaching special kids, be prepared to get bite marks.
  4. When teaching ADHD kids, be prepared to be a sprinter.
  5. If a kid asks you what they drown, always ensure you’re a certified life saver.
  6. Be a certified life saver and always remember how to do CPR.
  7. Kids always look for reassurance so once a promise is made, you better fulfill it.
  8. Kids actually can make your day.
  9. NEVER forget your nursery rhymes. Trust me, they will come in handy.
  10. Children are the most forgiving people in the world. They never harbor any hatred.

I also believe that if all the kids around the world joined forces, they will conquer the universe with their tiny capabilities. There are multiple of times where it’s stressful but at the end of the day I always tell myself “stressed but blessed”.

Little Marissa made me a loom band watch, little Ronan and his endless little boxes of Milo & chocolate milk for me, little Aaron who gave me a pencil case that says ‘#1 Teacher’, little Nicole telling me she loves me because I don’t have a boyfriend and little Zhan Daa going ‘Miss Winnie? Thank you for teaching me today’.

The little things by these tiny humans make the job of being a swimming teacher all worth it. People say teaching kids are easy but until you actually go into the pool and teach, ‘easy‘ no longer exists in your vocabulary.  Well readers, you can successfully say you learn something from a swimming today 😀

For now, I really have to start thinking what my speech should be about for Toastmasters, finish up more assignments and prep for tomorrow’s youth empowerment meeting.

Ed Sheeran – Cold Coffee




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