Pancakes & gummy burgers



Fridays this semester have been my best day for there aren’t any classes for me 🙂

I went out for brunch with the mortal, Evinash, at Padding House of Pancakes today and it was amazing. I felt like it was breakfast except with tons of beef bacon and the pancake almost reminds me of pizza!

There are four most important things I’ve learnt today

  1. 1. ALWAYS turn on your signal when you want to turn left or right when you’re driving. It frustrates me that drives on the road don’t do that and they just turn as they like.
  2. Be nice to your mortals at CF/Church camps for they will pay for your lunch.
  3. Smile and people will love it. A salesman today handed me a flyer about cabled TV promotions and he flashed his set of pearly whites at me and it actually made my day.
  4. Write down what ONLY what you NEED. That way, you’ll always stick to it ; plus, you get to save too!

I love it when people treat me with smiles and go “May I help you?” when I look all confused looking for something at a bookstore. Today, mortal and I talked about the states and since we’re in two different courses, I learn a lot about engineer (or some facts about engineering). The unbearable abdominal pain I endured during my run today was intense to the point I felt I was going to collapse. But they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

I love everything about today. From the pancake that I have to the amazing weather when I ran to having dinner with my grandparents. The little things in live that I appreciate most.

Always grateful and blessed ♥


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