The sound of an old guitar is saving you from sinking


I’m sorry for the lack of update though I promise myself to blog daily but I’ve been caught up with university and juggling the hours of sleep I’ll be getting. Assignments and tests are already all lining up. I have to rearrange my whole entire timing on my planner.

However, I’m actually grateful to have so much work to be focusing on because if not, I find myself breaking down and crying more often than I already have and wasting water in the shower for I sit on the floor and wonder why things never work out by itself. Things have been really terrible lately but nonetheless every night I thank God for giving me the strength to thrive through the day.

Lately I try to spend my time outside of the house, even if it means driving 45 minutes away for no apparent reason or sitting by the glass wall of a coffee shop with my journal and a pen on my lap. I’ve been spending too much money on food. September just started and I’m already dreading it. But here’s a few things you should take note.

  1. Never EVER leave someone hanging.
  2. Reply messages ; if you’re busy just go “Ttyl” instead of not replying at all.
  3. Love your dentist. He/she is just trying to help.
  4. Have your mind set on a specific shopping list and ONLY buy those things on the list.
  5. Say what you feel because you deserve it. Screw what others’ think.

Oh! And last one : Do what you want. Go against everyone’s judgement and advise. Take the leap anyways. If you know you’re going to get your heart broken, take a deep breath and do it anyways because when you look back, you’ll actually be glad that you tried. You’re actually brave enough to put yourself out there.


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