A Little Piece Of You.


Words. They actually make us who we are. I personally believe that words fill me up like blood through my veins. These past two weeks, I managed to compiled a journal for a friend who needed it more than I do. I filled it with words ; quotes, phrases, paragraphs and lyrics. It might have stolen sleep from me but I’m glad I did it.

I was upset with the friend and I refused to talk to him. Until, I sat down and put myself in his shoes ; how difficult it is to be facing his set of problems. So I told myself “Win, it won’t hurt to be nice. People deserve someone nice in their lives”. I went to a vintage bookstore and bought a journal and I filled it up with words that motivate and inspire me because he needed it more than me.

I think the best gift to give a person would be a piece of you. Of course I’m talking in the point of making the person’s day less depressing as it already is. I’m glad I did I gave my friend a part of me in hopes that the words will fill him up like how it filled me. No doubt that there are things in life that you have to put yourself first but I know it wouldn’t hurt to share yourself with someone else.

I’m glad that I’ve made that friend’s day yesterday when he received my journal. I’m also glad to have motivated and inspired people around me. I really do count my blessings ; big or small. I’m loved and I’ll always be loved by someone and I’m happy. I managed to touch people’s hearts in my own way.

Uncle Sonny is right about passion. When it comes to doing something, always do it passion because that’s when you’ll find joy in it and people notice passion in what you do ; that’s the most beautiful thing in a person. Passion.



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