Bye summer ’14

imageAs much as I don’t want summer holidays to end, the second year of my degree is about to welcome me. I don’t know what the second year will be like but I’m already waiting for my fall and winter break. Yes, I’m a sucker when it comes to the holidays ; especially since Christmas is rolling in soon.

This year, it has taught me a lot. So much that I’m pretty proud of myself to have survived it with the helping hands of my friends and family. What I’ve actually learned the most for the past 7 months and 14 days is forgiveness ; even when people don’t deserve it, forgive them and be the better person.

Lord, thank You. You’ve showed me how blessed I am and summer this year is a little different but I’m truly grateful. 2014 have been rough but You guide me through it. I’ve managed to touch people’s hearts and I’m glad I did. I managed to motivate and inspire people even tough I’m fully flawed. There was a fair amount of tears, heartache and happiness. I don’t regret what 2014 had for me all this months.


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