Summer 2k14

Mornings spent laying in bed and jumping in the shower because you forgotten to switch on the heater and eating cereal while dancing to S Club 7 – Summertime Feeling ; reliving your childhood memories. Afternoons spent with cruising around on your skateboard, a bottle of lemonade ; singing to Elvis Presley – I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. You sing “Wise men say only fools rush in” imitating Elvis’ deep voice. Evenings spent by doing somersaults and back flips off a yacht and laughing when you land in the water. The sun greets you with its orange rays, reminding you about the little things like the weather is grateful to have you around.  Nights spent wearing over sized football jerseys and jumping up and down on beds and laughing. Once you’re tired, you just sit on the balcony, put your feet up on the railing and just watch the high sky above you while sipping on chilled wine with your journal on your lap and pen in your hand.

Summer ; late mornings, bright afternoons, beautiful evenings and happy nights.


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