– : Someone’s turning 20 in 2 weeks! Excited?
Me : No not really.
– : Hey what’s wrong? I thought you’re going to the butterfly park?
Me : Not anymore. So back to plan A. Chug cider.
– : Really? Win…c’mon you only turn 20 once!
Me : I’ll be spending it alone on a park bench with take-out sushi with lighted candles on it and a cup of juice. I don’t know, really. I’m spending it alone since it’s on a Thursday.
– : I’ll call you or Skype with you.
Me : I actually just want a hug. The kind of hug where it’ll just tell me that everything is okay, y’know?
– : Yeah I know.
Me : Maybe I’ll drive to the beach and be in incognito mode until it’s time to come home for dinner or something. I’ve not had cake on the day of my birthday for the past 2 years but I’ll be fine spending it alone with Chai latte and a book or I’ll sit in my room with music and spin around in my chair. Or go necklace shopping ; alone shopping time or serenade the dogs. *smiles*
– : As long as you’re happy


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