Summer break

Flip flops, swimsuits, HUF snapbacks, shorts, cut off tops, jeans, dresses, tops, sport bras, back pack, Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Florale, Estee Lauder lip jewels,  goggles, wet suit, rash guards, yoga mat, New Balance running shoes, Vans, Penny Nickel 27″,  laptop, iPod, books, cameras, pens, Bible, journal, cds and the passport.

“You know where I’m going”

“*smiles* Fix your tan, stop dressing like a hobo and sing your lungs out. Bring carnations and daffodils”

“That’s your advice to me for the summer?”

“*laughs* Don’t party too hard or get lost, remember to eat & sleep and have fun. Whatever happens there, stays there.”

“*hugs tightly* Before my birthday hits and my summer holidays are gone”

“*hugs back tightly* Love you, Win”


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