50 More Facts About Me

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Here’s another 50 more facts that you (probably) don’t know about me.

  1. 1. I’ll probably never get enough sleep, ever. No matter how many hours I hibernate.
  2. I always go into a bookstore and come out buying something without fail.
  3. I can bake a killer white chocolate cheesecake.
  4. Christmas to me beats any festival/season in the world.
  5. And I take Christmas very seriously.
  6. Reptiles (except my land tortoise) scare me.
  7. Most of the time, I dress like a hobo.
  8. But I can be classy if I want to.
  9. I have too many guy friends.
  10. I’m not made for team sports somehow.
  11. I can never pass as a Chinese to most people.
  12. I’ve been called an Eurasian multiple of times.
  13. My Mandrin is pretty limited.
  14. I can’t read or write in Chinese.
  15. But I speak Cantonese really well though.
  16. I’m a Sunday baby.
  17. I’m really clumsy.
  18. The best part of my body is that I don’t get period cramps (probably only twice a year) so I could do & eat anything I want.
  19. I can’t really wear heels.
  20. I would actually wear my pair of Vans to my wedding.
  21. If given a chance, I would study to be pediatric surgeon.
  22. I like big dogs (especially Great Danes) than small dog breeds.
  23. I dread washing my hair.
  24. A bathtub with bubbles and warm water is what I really like after a long day.
  25. No one ever, will replace my love for my mother.
  26. People always mistaken me for being the oldest child when I’m not.
  27. I’m the tallest my whole entire family.
  28. I’ve never touched/seen actual snow.
  29. I’m better at writing down what I feel than telling people about my feelings.
  30. I’m ambidextrous.
  31. I taught myself to speak Hawaiian and I can speak sort of fluently.
  32. I still wear my back brace once in a while.
  33. I’m a dare devil.
  34. I’m not a fan of my own birthday.
  35. The blogs I have actually tell you more about me than I’ll ever tell you.
  36. I don’t like to argue/fight over something.
  37. When I’m really angry, I cry and walk away.
  38. I love lamb with mint sauce and Japanese + Italian + Indian + Spanish + German food.
  39. Seafood, pizza, pancakes, waffles & juice too.
  40. Okay maybe all food. No complaints.
  41. I have a stuffed zebra on my bed that I named Sir Fartsalot.
  42. Also, a teddy bear named Curly since I was 8.
  43. Sometimes, I pretend my room is like winter by blasting the air-conditioning.
  44. I can go a month without watching the TV.
  45. Because the Internet is my TV (except for video games)
  46. I’d rather play games on the computer/laptop than using a game console.
  47. I have long limbs.
  48. I hate tickles.
  49. And horror movies.
  50. I’m loved.

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