“Dude, you don’t see it in her point of view, do you? I know you just met her but you know already know what she’s like. She cares for you and most importantly she loves you. Shouldn’t that be enough for a man? Yes, she hurt you and she’s so sorry about it so you have to let go of the grudge. She didn’t mean to, okay? She’s never demanding and she always wishes you to have a good day at work. Before this, she’s a closed book but with you, she opens up to you. I know you’re broken ; so is everyone else.

You think you’re the only who put his heart out there? She wore her heart on her sleeve too. I know you had a rough day but that’s no way to treat a girl. By lashing out on her, y’know? Love is going to painful and joyful at the same time. It’s how it works. I’m not siding her because I know what she did was wrong. But man, I know it hurts, but she’s willing to sew up the wound with her bare hands. It isn’t that difficult to reply a text, is it?

Just drop a message to say you miss her instead of reading her texts and ignoring it. You’re busy, I get that. We’re all busy. We have our own fair share of plates of problems. I know she’s really negative about herself, can you blame her? If you were in her shoes, your insecurity level is bursting out through the roofs. People around her are giving her a hard time. Every time she tries to tell you how she feels, you don’t give her a chance and you just release out on her. It makes her even more terrified of you.

If she could pick any guy in the world, she would still pick you. Literally, she would without a single doubt. All I’m saying is she misses you, she thinks about you, she cares about you and part of her might still love you. And when you actually realize it, I pray with all hope, it won’t be too late ; Before she picks up and leave and you’ll be just another guy to her.”


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