From Venus to Mars.

Like every Sunday, I clocked in for work before 11 in the morning at the pool and at 5 in the evening at the club house. Being a swimming teacher (any teacher to be exact) is one tough job and the amount of patience you must have in you. Doubtlessly, the job is both rewarding and loving at the same time.

The reason I say this is because,

1. Kids never hold grudges. They forgive instantly. My students love me and their parents love me enough to bake muffins, cookies, and some even give me fruits!
2. Rewarding in a way that I smile after successfully teaching a kid how to swim a stroke or a full lap for beginners.

It’s a loving job, really. And my boss/coach is right. Not any Tom, Dick & Harry can teach kids ; especially how to swim. The amount of trust a kid places in his/her teacher in the pool is really strong. Yes, sometimes I do dread teaching certain kids (they kind of give me high blood pressure) but when it comes down to it, I do love my job.

Here’s a cute little conversation that I had with 5 year old Zhan Daa whom I tried to make him stop crying.

Me : Zhan Daa? Do you have any brothers or sisters?
ZD : Yes, Miss Winnie. I have one brother and one sister.
Me : Where are they?
ZD : In another planet.
Me : You mean another country?
ZD : No, in another planet.
Me : Which planet? There are so many planets out there. Venus?
ZD : Yes, teacher! Venus!
Me : Do they live together?
ZD : Miss Winnie? Mars. They are staying in Mars.

I’m probably one of the many few teacher who giggles and take it seriously when a kid tells you about their little stories and imagination. Because really, readers. You have to pay attention when a child talks to you and they have such a broad imagination that makes up their childhood. So you can’t take away their childhood by saying things like Santa Claus isn’t real.

Oh! And here’s a picture of my first burger of the year.



It’s homemade! The tartar within the buns were too good! I’m pretty proud to say I’ve not had any fast food at all this whole entire year. So yaay to that! 🙂


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