Faint feeling.



My best friend and possibly every one else have been asking me to post more pictures of myself. If only I could wake up every morning looking like how I did in the picture and not with my hair messed up with my nose all blocked up and me rubbing my eyes.

Sitting on my Penny Nickel 27′ skateboard and the acoustic version of Home by Daughtry while typing this. I should probably tell Lynn that she shouldn’t expect me to bring anyone to her wedding. I might have to even brace myself for the questions that the relatives will be asking because Lynn and I are of the same age and she’s happily married. I’ll probably have I can’t find someone to go to that island getaway to avoid being a third wheeler for the trip.

However, Sharon and I had a good laugh yesterday watching 22 Jump Street and we pretended Elle was right there with us. People stared at us but there’s the whole point of going out with your friends, right? Loud, fun, laughter and possibly saying and doing the most retarded things in the world and let people stare at you.

Friends have been asking me what I want for my birthday because August is about to roll in really soon. Sure, it’ll be nice if I spent it with someone special but I also think that it’ll be nice to get a cup of juice, sit on a park bench and talk whether we would laugh or cry. We’ll see how things goes. It might not be that bad of a birthday after all this year.

#nowplaying It Ends Tonight – The All-American Rejects.

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