Comfy Space

In two years time, after my degree, I see myself going to the states pursuing my masters ; Move to the UK or US. I’ll probably rent a room at first and save up money on the way. I’ll get a nice place to myself. Nothing fancy but one of those places where I would want to go home to.

A place when you first unlock the door, there’ll be the smell of fresh flowers from the vase placed on a little table next to a bowl of keys. There’ll be a shoe and coat rack that greets someone at their arrival. The living room will a coffee table decorated with seashells at the bottom of the glass top and a floral cushion set facing a television. Underneath the television, will lay a game console of some sort and a CD player accompanied with a good sound system. There’ll be a CD shelf where I’ll fill it with all kinds of music ; From classical to rock. At the corner of the living room, there’ll be a sea blue and white window-seat that will work as a day bed. It’ll be filled with pillows and a stack of magazines or newspaper. At the other end of the living room, there’ll be a space where my yoga mat will lie on the floor for workouts. The kitchen will have a built-in oven for me to bake (the only thing I know, white chocolate cheesecake), with a counter top that has a sink and two stoves. Oh! And also a kitchen bar that below little shelves to put in cook books. Plus a fridge that I’ll probably stock with fruits and ice-cream. There’ll be a coffee table for two as a dinning table. The place will also have an okay store room for me to transform it into a walk in closet with a body length mirror attached to the door. The bedroom will no doubt have a huge bed with tons of pillows and bedside tables with bedside lamps for reading and my phone charger plugged to the wall socket. The bedroom will have a bookcase filled with my fiction genre of books. There’ll be a dark wooden dresser for my pants, underwear and swimsuits. Next to the dresser will sit a bedroom vanity set with my hair dryer (etc.) in the drawers and little make up sets on the top. There’ll be a balcony or a veranda with a nice view (not necessarily a view of the sea. I don’t mind a tree as my view). My bedroom will have another table filled with my cameras, photographs, pens and all my journals/sketchbooks. It’ll also have a bathroom with a bathtub and a comfy feet rug when I brush my teeth at the sink. My home will also have a room of some sort where my computer will sit on a table for me to do my work and shelves of books (Probably business and economics) and an Internet modem at the corner of the room. My laptop will most probably sit next to my computer screen.

I almost forgotten. The walls will be light blue ; almost white.


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