An Early Teacher’s Day Gift.



I’ve been having a terrible week. But today, at the pool, little Aaron surprised me. After scolding and making sure Aaron swims properly, he gave me a present. So this is how the conversation went :

Aaron : Teacher Winnie, I got a present for you
Me : For what?! *thinking my birthday is not until 3 more months*
Aaron : For Teacher’s Day

Oh my goodness. My heart instantly melted. I finally realized how my teachers must have felt throughout the years of teaching me. I have to admit, it is challenging, tiring, exhausting, frustrating and stressful. Then I remembered little Zhan Daa at Tenby. I thought of Aaron at work during the next hour. It wasn’t actually the pencil case ; it was the fact that he called me ‘Teacher Winnie’ when I don’t remember telling him my name.

He probably asked the counter or that his mom remembered but I’m so blessed. I felt so loved today. I almost cried at the sight of the present and the part where I’m being loved by a six-year-old. Being a swimming teacher for the past 2 years, I’ve learnt so much and safe to say, my love for children grew too. Sure there are times where I feel like just giving up, but my coach was there to remind me that it’s part and parcel of the job.

O’ Father in Heaven, thank You. For giving me little blessings to look forward to in life. I know lately it hasn’t been the all happy but thank You for showing that it is a privilege to be alive. I’m blessed and I’m grateful for that.


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