50 Facts You (probably) Don’t Know About Me.

  1. I wore braces.
  2. I’m left handed.
  3. I hardly trust in people.
  4. I hate math.
  5. I’m in love with literature.
  6. I have my swimsuit tan line.
  7. I have this folded flabby tummy when I sit down.
  8. I hunch which is such a bad habit.
  9. Convincing people not to love me is what I always do.
  10. I have always preferred squash over swimming.
  11. My music taste varies to the mood I’m in.
  12. I listen to way too much music sometimes.
  13. I’m pretty good at hiding my feelings.
  14. I lie a lot somehow.
  15. God is going to send me to hell for all the sins I’ve committed. It’s too much.
  16. I’ve never stepped into a club before.
  17. I have a list of bad addictions and habits.
  18. I waste too much money.
  19. Safe to say, I’m broken.
  20. There’s only one person in the whole world that knows my deepest darkest secrets.
  21. I’m a hopeless romantic.
  22. I always give myself a hard time.
  23. I have small boobs and a small ass.
  24. However, I have a pair of killer legs.
  25. I have a love-hate relationship with food.
  26. I wanted to be a pediatric surgeon.
  27. Then I was too stupid and I went into business.
  28. I argue and debate a lot.
  29. I get agitated over little things.
  30. I push people away all the time.
  31. I forgive too easily.
  32. I’m also too nice to people sometimes.
  33. My favourite thing to do is read.
  34. I have a lot of hair on my head.
  35. I’m a sucker for simple dates in places where there aren’t many people.
  36. I can eat a lot.
  37. On weekends, I teach kids how to swim.
  38. It is very stressful as I have to please their parents instead.
  39. I love taking pictures of architecture.
  40. I can play the piano.
  41. If money wasn’t always the problem, I would be somewhere else.
  42. I watch too much tv series.
  43. I hate/despise distance.
  44. The only country I’ve been to is Thailand.
  45. The beach/sea/ocean is where my heart is.
  46. I’m hopeless in make up.
  47. I have trust issues.
  48. Art defines me.
  49. I pierced my belly button once.
  50. I’m so blessed and grateful.

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