I know I’n three days late because everyone did their New Year’s resolutions before 2014 but for the past 2 days, I’ve figured out what shall be my resolutions.

  1. Go to at least one (any) concert this year.
  2. Don’t be too hard on myself.
  3. Work out at least 3 times a week. No excuses.
  4. Read ,write, sleep, run and skate more.
  5. Go to an orchestra.
  6. Buck up for the proceeding degree life – Procrastinate & stress less.
  7. Be more confident ; speak my mind
  8. Love the body,mind and soul more.
  9. Go the beach ; Take more pictures.
  10. Be closer to God and pray more.

Well so far I can only think of 10 but I’m sure I’ll think of more along the way. LIke what I did in 2013 when I did my “Weekly discipline routine” to make sure that the trips to the pharmacy and to the doctors’ will be less. It did work and I’m pretty proud.

2013 was a roller coaster year but towards the end, it didn’t seem that bad cause I kept thinking/doing the things that made me happy (with the occasional emotional drive).  So far these 3 days of this year have been pretty smooth and good.

2014, I’m ready. Let’s see what you got.


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