Elle’s 19th!

It was a last minute thing when Sharon told me that I’ll plan a surprise birthday thing for Elle’s birthday. So there I was, thinking how in the world to surprise someone. To start, a Facebook group conversation and there wasn’t much detail too.

On the 24th October 2013,  it was a good day indeed (Statistics was cancelled, yaay!). I drove to college to pick everyone up and in the car, Leng took out Elle’s glasses and used my scarf to blind fold her.



We guided a ‘blinded’ 19-year-old out of the parking lot, crossed the main road and guided her to the mall where I booked a table for 13 at a delightful restaurant.

Thank God for Sharon arriving early and bought a slice of Pavlova cake and lighted it. As Elle walked in… Dyalan, Nana,Cheryl, Sharon, Veeni, Leng, Huey Leen, Jyh Yong, random strangers and I sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. She was so surprised and I was so happy throughout the whole process.

Especially when EVERYONE even the random stranger stood up and sang for her.



Look at the happy couple! 😀



This is so adorable.



And this is us teasing the couple. Hehe!



Nasi Kerabu which was so good! I shared this plate with Jyh Yong and a Banana Parfait which we were too busy indulging in that I didn’t bother taking a picture. The marinated chicken was the best of the dish! So worth the 22 ringgit!



Our very very dark Polaroid pictures which was taking by a White lady whom I must say was so sporting!

By the end of dinner, I went up to the random strangers and thanked each one of them for singing.



We made our way to buy movie tickets. Elle tickled me in public and I was pushed around the trolley while everyone stared at me. I was being a kid and laughing endlessly. It was such a great bonding session we had.

Insidiou 2 was HORRIFYING. And I sat in between Sharon & Jyh Yong. And everything there was a scary part that came, Sharon and I would go “Oh God! It’s here!” and I yelled so much in the cinema. I think we were the noisiest! I made Jyh Yong jumped in his seat every time I screamed. Generally, I don’t think he was scared but due to my screams, he was shocked.

All in all, it was a great Thursday. I laughed so much and screamed too. Happy Birthday, Elle! I know you’re proud of me for being a genius in mind reading when I bought Gong Cha and questioned Dyalan whether he secretly likes you. Who knew you two are really together and I’m the first one to know! This right here readers, a proud moment of my life.

And I made Sharon choke on water over WhatsApp when I told her the news. She thought we were playing a game. Hehehe! I was happy indeed 🙂


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