You’re not a saint. You’re just another hypocrite. No matter what I do, you’re going to judge and you use my own religion against me. From who I date to what I eat. You’re not all perfect yourself. People like you make kids out there depressed and sometimes suicidal. What do you get out of it?

Are you happy knowing that you’re making someone breaking down and cutting themselves because of the things you say is? I don’t go to church or CF to become popular. I curse and you judge going “I don’t know, sometimes you’re just like that and the next you’re different”. Have you ever asked me why?

That’s what you do right? You judge before knowing what happened. I curse, there’s something to say about that too. I wonder why you go church sometimes because it definitely doesn’t give you the right to judge anyone. It’s just an exterior look, huh? To look like a saint? If it makes the person happy, why do you care? If I’m dating a non-Christian boy and I’m happy, why do you have to butt in? It’s not your relationship.

So please, until you’re God himself, you don’t even have the damn right to judge me.


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