Another Year Older.





To everyone who had wished me through the phone, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and personally ; thank you.

I woke up smiling and I’m going to bed smiling too. I spent today (which was my first day of uni) with Aerin at KLCC. A heavy lunch and exercised to Pavilion and back.

Jyh Yong ran after me on my walk back home from uni to wished me and ended up accompanying me too. I was surrounded with smiles, laughter and in a long time…I was truly jappy and care-free.

The whole time on my walk to and fro with Aerin from the mall, we were laughing. We were pretty bad drivers too. Opps sorry to the drivers out there. The weather was good too.

Mommy told me a cool fact today : 19 years ago, I was born on the exact day where both English and Chinese calendar meets, the 15th day of the 7th month of the Chinese calendar. Which means I’m a full moon baby. And today, 19/8/2013, both calendars meet again. The only time it happened was today after 19 years.

God, thank you for today. I’m grateful you have blessed me with people whom love and care about me. ♥


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