What A Girl Could Ask For



Today, I sat down and cried. I blamed everyone ; even God. He decided to prove me how much He loves me. I’m blessed with a bunch of crazy yet loving and caring camp committee. I was  never a girl who would ask for something. I don’t even let someone treat me to something. Sure, sometimes I want to own all those clothes or bags or that guy as my boyfriend but today, I’m grateful for what I have.

I went to Economics class and as the saying goes “Hard work pays off” was really  true when I got my marks. Not full marks but at least I’m not disappointed with what I have. Jeff and Bernard cracked up jokes to make me laugh. The boy who stays in an 11 time zone difference cared for me. My committee made me laugh and in those moments of laughter, there was a part of me that is ever so grateful to have these little joys in life.

I know no one is ever happy with what they have and I know I never will be with what I have too because life isn’t all that perfect. But today,  I am grateful. God showed me that I am loved and I know He wanted me to see that as if to say “Don’t give up. Hang in there, I’m fixing you.”

I think, that’s all a girl could ask for ; to be loved.


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