Beyond love.




In this picture, you were really happy to carry mei mei and I. You’ve been with me for almost 19 years and I remember you and mummy would travel all the way to grandpa and grandma’s house just to see us every weekend. I always looked forward to our cycling trips during the weekend and I fell in love with Coke πŸ˜€

You taught to be independent like a tough soldier I am. You taught me falling is part and parcel of learning in life. I remembered the amount of times I fell down learning how to cycle and you still picked me so I could do it again. You went to the US and bought me all those gears (knee pads, shin and elbow gaurds etc.) and a helmet so I wouldn’t be that badly scarred from cycling.

I may not be the perfect daughter for I throw tantrums, yell at you and never tell you how much I love you but I knew you never gave up on me. You always love me more and never less and you were the first to trust my driving! When you came home with the new car, my excitement was bursting out of me.

Happy Birthday, daddy! God blessed me with a father that was more than just my dad but my man. No boyfriend or future husband of mine can ever compare to you. You’ll always be my young and handsome daddy okay? IΒ β™₯ you, daddy. More than you can ever imagine πŸ™‚


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