Distance, generally, is what everyone hates. Let me re-phase it, despise. Any long distance relationship probably brings a form of agony ; whether it was a friend kind or a love kind. There are times where time zone difference makes both sides tired. It’s not that they’re tired of each other but it’s just that…it just tiresome or maybe some would put it, kills. Maybe it’s the physical presence that is not there or maybe both are craving more than just probably virtual communication.

I hear people always going “What are the odds of being in a long relationship that could last?” And I answer “It is really up to your capability”. To me, a long distance relationship, well there are the pros and the cons. Most people weigh the cons more than the pros but have you ever stop and wonder how worth it in the end? Like you’ll be that one couple that lasted all those days, battles and barriers.

Sure there are times where you want to give up  because you see other couples taking pictures together or go on movie dates together and you and your lover are on the other side of the globe where time zone difference is a huge barrier. And you’ll end up wondering how text messages and Skype sessions can actually last. You would even wonder what the other person is doing and trust is on the line. So here’s a little advice :

Relationships are hard. Regardless far or near. It is hard and it takes both sides to find a way and solution to make it work out. I’m not saying that it won’t be complicated, messy, hard and all but all I’m saying it takes time adjusting. So if you make through a day still being together, it won’t be hard for you to continue the next day and the next. Don’t stop telling each other things. Don’t over think situations. It’s okay to worry a little but not too much. And never ever stop hanging on to the little possibility that in the end, it will all be worth it. 😉


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