Dear blog,

Dear blog,

I know I haven’t been blogging much here and I apologize for that. I know you’re now old and dusty without me updating you. As you can see that picture, blog, I have finals coming up and I’m trying my best to hide from all the social networking sites. Even Twitter. But no, I have not forgotten about you, blog. I still love you like I did back in 2007.

You have been my blog for 6 years now! I’m still faithful to the same url and this same layout has been here since 2 years ago. Anyways, blog, I promise you that I’ll be back. I just need to pass finals and graduate. However, I have so much to update you on blog. All the pictures of food, holiday and just casual photography has all be stacked up in my camera and I keep reminding myself to update you.

I barely have enough sleep nowadays and look at me lying on the beach and studying! I’ll be back, blog. I will! Hang in there.

Love, your blogger.


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