Hello mummy! 🙂

I know I probably never told you how grateful I am to have you as my mother. I know from the day I was conceive till the day you were in the delivery room, you never gave up on me. I was the longest child to be delivered among the three of us and I had jaundice. But you still kiss my forehead and wish me “Good night” and always push me to go the extra mile.

That Saturday, you came and watched me swim for my competition. Though I didn’t come home with a single medal, you were still proud of me. You gave me good luck hugs and calmed me down when I was so nervous that I was so close to pulling out. You sat there and waited along with me for nine hours just to watch me swim for two events.

I realised you have never missed any of my competitions and tournaments. You were always there on the bench and cheered for me. I still remembered you always gave me ‘Good Luck’ hugs and you’re never tired of listening to me rant about my days in class. You’re always there. Day or night.

Lately, I’ve been breaking down a lot and you keep giving me hugs. That very moment when I arrived home and all I needed to do was made eye contact with you and you immediately knew I wasn’t fine. You came running and giving me a hug while I burst into tears. Hi mummy! I dedicate this post to you. My fellow readers all get to know who you are and how much you meant to me.

Father, thank You for giving me a wonderful mother. Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I ♥ you, mummy. Everyday.


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