Aerin’s Raya Open House

Top left : Danny, Aerin, Hui Qing, Me, Kar Yih.
Bottom left : Aina, Nat, Jeff and Putra.

From left : Hui Qing, Nat, Aerin, Aina and me.
Credits to Mun Han for taking both pictures.

Last Saturday, during my 3 hour break at work, Mun Han and Danny picked me up and we went to Aerin’s Raya open house. The one thing, I love most about Malaysia is the amount of festivals we have and I am truly thankful that everyone ( careless of age, gender, colour, religion or nationality) we get to experience it all.

This is the best Tiramisu ever!  And to top it all, it is home-made. It was in Aerin’s house where I have my first lemang, rendang and ketupat. Oh it was such a joy to the stomach to gobble down such great food.

Yaay to Malaysia. A place where I call home (and yes, we are famous for food such as nasi lemak, asam laksa and char keuy teow)


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